News from FPI and offshore Bank, July 14, 2018.
00:55 (UTC -4) British Virgin Islands.

Dear participants of the 2012 program, as well as new members of the project!

After many years of work, we came to the finish line.
We sincerely apologize that we had to take down the website and be silent for a few years. Now we communicated with you through email.

As you might have known, governments all over the world are currently restless and they are doing whatever they can to seek out new sources of funds (tax).

In order to protect all the payout funds, we had to take some drastic measures.

As you might have noticed, several other major programs have been shut down by authorities and their funds have been frozen. Not good news, but we have managed to avoid it.

We are now contacting you to advise that:

1. Payout funds are ready and are placed in secure offshore accounts, safe from the authorities.

2. Documents, other important information are also ready to be shipped out, and all the shipping costs have been paid to the banks (DHL).

3. Due to the current situation, we need to distribute your payouts as soon as possible, before any interference occurs.

We, Freedom Pension Invest, will act as your guardian and take care of it for you. This way, once you receive your debit card, you can immediately access your funds.

The only requirement of the Bank (British Virgin Islands):

All participants must order Visa Infinite card before July 22, 2018. Previously, this was an optional condition, but the Bank (BVI) insisted on this. This is due to the large financial turnover for each offshore bank account.

The cost is $ 145.

Please do it as soon as possible, to avoid any delay mailing your debit card and documents through DHL to you. Each member has payment details (our PM, C-Gold, BTC, PAYEER). If lost, then contact email SUPPORT.


In the Description of payment, add:

Send to Email:

From July 25, 2018 until August 15, 2018 will be sent ALL packages with VISA INFINITE debit cards and documents with full instruction on further actions, activation of cards and so on. You will also receive the tracking number of the DHL parcels.

The purchase of additional contracts is finished.

For those members who were on vacation or have recently learned about the payments in the FPI project, please contact the support before July 19, 2018 for signing the Agreement, paying offshore accounts and buying additional contracts..

Next UPDATE July 23, 2018.


Best regards,
Administration Freedom Pension Invest,
Offshore Bank (British Virgin Islands),
Insurance Company.